What are Truthy and Falsy values?

Truthy expressions in JavaScript evaluate to boolean true values, while falsy expressions evaluate to boolean false values. It can take many different forms. Let’s look at what makes expressions true or false in JavaScript. Such as false, null, undefined, 0, -0, “ ” empty string, NaN.

React is a Javascript library, not a framework?

React is a library written in JavaScript. It’s not quite a framework. It is not a complete solution, and you will frequently need to combine it with other libraries to form any solution. As we know Frameworks are extremely useful, especially for young teams and startups. Many smart design decisions are already made for us when working with a framework, giving us a clear path to focus on writing good application-level logic. Frameworks are not flexible, although some claim to be. We can not do code as we wish because every framework…

How works Primitives Values?

Primitive Values include, among other things, numbers and strings. Using console.log(), open your browser’s console and print the following primitive values:


There is one thing that all primitive values have in common. Nothing I can do in my code would have any effect on them.

What are Objects and Functions?

Objects: Almost all of the things are objects. Boolean, Numbers, Strings, Dates, Dates, Maths, Regular expressions, Arrays, Functions. All JavaScript values, except primitives, are objects.

Function: Basically, a function is a “subprogram” that can be called by code that is external to the function. A…



The slice() removes segments of a string and returns them as a new string. To define which part of the string we want to remove, use the start and end parameters. Position 0 belongs to the first character, position 1 to the second, and so on. But, the original array can not be changed.

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